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Put the Vegas Down Slowly (Or: The Cops Are Onto You)

If I had an RPH blog, this would be going on there so fast that it would be leaving whiplash. But I don’t, so this lovely post is stuck here.

This is the first essay of a series that can best be described as my quest to outline all of the parts of Vegas that are either being underutilized or simply misinterpreted entirely.

There are many problems I have with Tumblr RP, but none so pettily infuriating as this: 

RPers who think Las Vegas, Nevada is nothing but slot machines, jackpots as far as the eye can see with no other interesting points or security, take your hands off the keyboard for a moment.

You are all RPing Las Vegas wrong. 

No. Stop. Don’t raise your voice in anger. Don’t shake your fist futilely at me through your computer screen. But, you shout, surely Las Vegas is entirely built up of glittering casinos as far as the eye can see!

To which I would reply: no, you imbecile. That’s like saying we shower in casino chips and deal in playing cards rather than the American dollar. But my water heater hasn’t been rattling quite as much lately - I think it’s running low on twenty dollar chips. 

So everyone gather around for a cup of coffee and a tale of Sin City as told by someone who was born in and is still living there.

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welp the twelfth doctor is a white male

i can’t even be surprised

of course it was. moffat is running this show. 

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but what if they traveled back to the 50s and anna chancellor and ben whishaw and romola garai were companions and they all worked on a tv programme together and instead of doctor who it was the hour series 3

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I'll make a man out of you
- Mulan OST (1,162,305)